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Information is What Matters

  • The benefits of an information platform that allows data to be uploaded from multiple logger models of different brands
  • The value in harvesting data from loggers across multiple router rather than just from individual journeys
  • How to obtain a holistic picture of your supply chain

Defining the Future of Temperature Monitoring
This white paper discusses what happens when focus is shifted from the technical specifications of the logger to the power of information. At the end of the day, the logger is just a mean to capture the data! Read the paper to find out what benefits you will realize from a cloud solution completely independent of the logger device.

Visibility and Compliance Can Never be Outsourced 
When outsourcing services in the life science industry, it is crucial to know what requirements to impose on a carrier; both to uphold control as well as to please regulatory agencies when they come to visit. In this paper, Geoff Stairmand, former supply chain project manager at AstraZeneca, guides you in what questions you can ask to make sure you and your carrier will stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Keeping the Cold Chain on the Level
Maintaining an optimal temperature is vital during the transit of pharmaceutical products. The data captured as evidence of product conditions must be of the highest possible quality or the entire cold chain is put at risk. This article published by WorldPharma, presents how TSS’ solutions offer tools for shipment analysis from a risk management perspective.

Temperature Management – From Local to Global
If temperature data can’t be processed, visualized and compared on a global basis, the true performance will never be revealed. The industry magazine Worldpharma describes how TSS’ temperature management solution helps pharmaceutical companies understanding global performance.

Stay Cool
Exposure to extreme temperatures in transit can reduce the efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Niclas Ohlsson, CEO of TSS, explains to Rod James at WorldPharma how a company-wide approach to temperature monitoring can result in greater efficiency, improved risk management and reduced costs.