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End Users

During global roll outs, TSS system has received excellent ratings for user friendliness. As functionality is tailored to each user category and temperature profiles are managed by admin users, the everyday operations for launching and downloading data loggers are quick and simple. Furthermore, auto storage of data and automatic email notifications reduces the workload in operation.

To operate an even leaner process, several customers utilize the integration capabilities of our system. The launch process can be integrated via 2D barcodes and TSS’ gateway makes it possible to integrate on any scale and with any system. The integration capabilities further save time and effort when dispatching and receiving temperature sensitive products, and they also eliminate human errors.

Our system is easily accessible online and data from various loggers can be aggregated in the same database. This way, we offer a one stop shop for monitoring of temperature sensitive goods. Our close partnership with leading life science companies has taught us to understand the challenges faced on the warehouse floor, as well as at the clinic or pharmacy.