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Quality Management

Transporting sensitive products is a challenge, especially so when multiple companies are involved in the process. TSS’ temperature monitoring solution, CCIS, provides superior security and quality also when working with various suppliers, as all data records are captured in one single system, providing one secure access point to global temperature data. CCIS also enables you to detect critical routes and poor service providers, supporting you in the supplier selection process.

The fact that our solution allows for all records to be captured means that you receive the temperature history for all shipments, not just those stated to be out of range. This supports a holistic approach to temperature monitoring, for complete documentation and improved risk mitigation throughout the supply chain. Thanks to automatic temperature alarm notifications and root cause classification, our solutions also facilitate the product release process.

Through a validated system developed to comply with regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11, we help you monitor in compliance, both today and in the future. To make your work even easier, our solutions facilitate for a lean implementation of global SOP’s for temperature monitoring.

Our solutions ensure high data security and product integrity. The quality of our solutions is assured through a transparent validation process, and our cloud solution has been highly appreciated by regulatory agencies auditing our customers. TSS is in turn regularly audited by our customers, among which you can find some of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies.