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Transport & Logistics

TSS was one of the first suppliers to focus on shipment data rather than just logging temperature. This focus stems from our belief that if shipping data can’t be processed, visualized and compared on a global basis, the true performance of your supply chain will never be revealed. We make sure you have the information and the tools needed to make profound decisions, by helping you making sense of big data.

Our cloud solution, CCIS, interprets and presents the data on a personal dashboard and through customized reports, allowing you to visualize the supply chain performance on any web-enabled device. We also enable centralized control over operations performance, providing one solution throughout the organization.

Another key benefit with CCIS is that it offers automated data, supporting corporate SOPs for temperature control. It also allows for a leaner process through integration with ERP systems, such as SAP. It is also possible to integrate meta-data from external sources, such as freight forwarder milestones and weather stations. By automatically matching shipping information from multiple sources with temperature data captured in the cloud, the customized reports help you find bottle necks in the supply chain, providing unique capabilities for intelligent trend analysis.