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There’s a simple purpose that serves as the core of our business:
enable life science companies to take informed decisions, to
ultimately ensure global patient safety

This has been our mission for more than 20 years.
Ever since, our solutions have been based on four cornerstones,
serving as the common thread in everything we do.


We believe that a strong customer focus is a key to success. Ever since 1992, we have worked closely together with leading pharmaceutical companies. This way, we have managed to develop customer driven solutions based on real business needs. We have also acquired unique expertise that we have translated into system functionality. ……………………………..


Quality is our mindset, our way of doing things. As a proof of this, our system is developed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, providing our customers with a solution that allows for each data record to be securely captured and instantly accessible in the secure cloud. This way, we ensure global data integrity and end-to-end risk mitigation, so that our customers can stay compliant and
assure patient safety.


A Greek philosopher once said that change is the only constant. We believe it is crucial to master both established as well as emerging technologies. This thinking has resulted in an open information platform for data logger independence, to ensure business continuity and facilitate strategic change. By focusing on a lean process throughout the company, we also enable our customers to continuously improve their supply chain operations.


With increasingly complex supply chains, the need for end-to-end visibility is larger than ever. Our system captures and processes big data from multiple sources, giving our customers one single version of the truth. This truth is translated from raw data into core business information, for profound decision-making and organization-wide cost savings. We enable our customers to become more intelligent by applying a holistic approach to the global supply chain management.