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Words from the CEO

What a privilege, but also what a responsibility, to daily play a part in assuring patient safety. Patient Safety is not only about compliance, checking the right forms and meeting the expectations of legislation. It is about taking control of the supply chain, driving the process and being in charge of its development. Supply chain intelligence is obtained through visibility, where processing big data allows for insights. With the quality mindset of our customers, it is not sufficient to assess only individual shipments; you need to understand and drive the underlying process. That is what we do. When I joined the industry, I was surprised of the emphasis on data recorders/temperature loggers as such. More than 10 years later, I see with excitement how the industry is changing, with increased focus on the information rather than the device, as well as on how information can be used not only for assessing single shipments, but for making profound changes in the whole supply chain. To master innovation in life science, new technology in itself is not sufficient. What you need is an experienced solution provider, who knows how to master both established and emerging technologies, to achieve operational excellence. We are committed to provide you with an open platform that allows you to meet today’s demand, but also tomorrow’s challenges.

TSS will continue to lead the development of open solutions for supply chain compliance and intelligence. If you are ready to make a change and obtain end-to-end visibility, we are ready to support you in ensuring patient safety.